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Papier mache bowl. The form was made from a balloon, which was stuck a paper pulp.
  In spring in preschool of my young son, as every the year, took place on the occasion of the Day of the Earth the plastic contest "Junk Art"   
Papier Mache (literally "chewed paper") has gained popularity worldwide because of its versatility.  Historically it has been made in a wide range of applications, from decorative pro...
Every the year in celebration of the Day of Earth in the ecological kindergarten of my young son takes place the contest "Junk Art". The subject of the this year′s contest  are:...
Here is an easy recipe for a paper pulp. It can be used by children.
The continuation of my overdue works.     
  See as he became made.
A long time I did not show my works . I will begin from the darkly grey little vase with the papier mache.     
Small papier mache bowl. Dimensions: height 5 cm; diameter 12cm.
The Papier mache - the art of the creation of objects from stick together layers of the paper and the glue or the modelling from the paper pulp. (the paper pulp – the mass giving to form, ha...
This bowl was painted by my sister Karolina. On the bowl is painted the wolf during the full moon. This idea crossed its mind her during reading of the book "Twilight" Stephenie Meyer.&n...
The cherry box for the jewellery - the papier mache.