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Papier mache bowl. The form was made from a balloon, which was stuck a paper pulp.
And once again the paper basket. This time vernally. tags:  
You need to prepare: - the newspaper; - the glue in the pin; - the chip to shashliks; - scissors; - the dish which will serve for the form to weaving; - acrylic paints or the wood st...
  Promised to publish the second part of the course: "How to make paper basket." It will be a simple basket without weaved bottom. Basket with the carton bottom is stronger th...
Every the year in celebration of the Day of Earth in the ecological kindergarten of my young son takes place the contest "Junk Art". The subject of the this year′s contest  are:...
The continuation of my overdue works.     
  See as he became made.
A long time I did not show my works . I will begin from the darkly grey little vase with the papier mache.     
Small papier mache bowl. Dimensions: height 5 cm; diameter 12cm.
The handmade paper - this is paper type which makes in the process of drawing on which consists the stage of separating of single fibres from vegetal raw materials and the stage of the formation of...
How it is visible almost every kind of the paper can be transformed into the interesting form. This small basket I plaited from newspapers  whose will not be suitable for use on making...
The cherry box for the jewellery - the papier mache.
This small paper basket waits yet for the painting and to varnish.  
From the old newspaper you can make for example - the small paper basket. This small paper basket I made from the old TV Guide.   Dimensions: 14 cm the width x 13 cm the length ...