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The Handmade Paper Print

The handmade paper - this is paper type which makes in the process of drawing on which consists the stage of separating of single fibres from vegetal raw materials and the stage of the formation of the paper from water emulsion of fibres, unwatered on the strainer.

Before began to use the paper to preparing of documents people used other materials:

  • stamped clay,
  • symbols on the bark of trees,
  • engraved in metal and the stone,
  • wrote on the silk and the parchment.

Most paperlike was the papyrus. They did it from combinabled in layers fibres of the reed, used for the first time about four or five thousands of years ago in Egypt.

It assumes that the paper was invented in China in 105 year AD .This was just the handmade paper.
In XI age began the production of the paper drawn in Europe ( the Iberian peninsula , Sicily). From XV age, in other words beginnings of the print in Europe, increases here also demand on the handmade paper.
In 1799 year Luis Nicolas Robert invented the paper-machine , and in 1803 built the first paper-machine in England, what caused that the production of handmade paper began gradually to decrease.

Again, in the latter part XX age grew up requirement on the handmade paper because of his artistic values. In countries of Far East the production of handmade paper lasts continuously all the time.


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