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The modelling from the Salt Dough is one of cheaper, more easy and satisfying very much techniques. Over the recent years it became to not as usual popular hobbies.

To begin the play with the Salt Dough , needless a lot instruments and materials. The most of them we will find in our own kitchen:

  • blender,
  • The bowl, to blend the mass,
  • the roll,
  • the aluminium foil,
  • garlic press ( construable eg. hair),
  • small sharp-edged the penknife (to details),
  • moulds to cakes.


2 glasses of the wheat meal,
1 glass of the fine-grained (salt can be milled) table salt ,
½ glasses of water about the room temperature,

To blend the flour with salt. To mix, adding slowly water, until the obtainment of the equal and elastic consistency. You can begin mould straight off, but better to wrap up the dough into the pouch and to put away on about one hour. After the outflow of this time one can begin to fashion. Ready models one can both dry in the oven, as and outdoors.

The dough to keep one ought in the dry and cool place – not in the refrigerator.


  • For the improvement of the elasticity of the Salt Dough one can add: 1 spoon of oil, 1 spoon Wikolu, a little to dilute glue to wallpapers.
  • The mass can be coloured augmenting her: alimentary dyes , flavourings (eg. the cinnamon, the curry, the saffron, the paprika) the instant coffee the cocoa.