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The doing of own hands of the paper is not only big times, but also the good way to the recycling.




Most simpler the recipe on the handmade paper:


  • the office-paper , newspapers, egg carton, the brown paper, cardboard-(not waxed) boxes;
  • the bowl (sufficiently large, freely to dip the frame);
  • the pot;
  • the mixer (blender);
  • the sponge;
  • the strainer - to the wooden frame (eg from the picture ) we pin with drawing-pins the strainer (with small holes eg insect screening ); the strainer must be well tight;
  • the starch (not necessarily);
  • dried flowers, leaves, flavourings;
  • pieces of the cloth (greater than our size of our paper ), it is necessary to remember that texture of material will be reflected on the paper;
  • the old towel and the plastic tray.

1. Tear paper into pieces, flood with the boiling water and put away on several hours.

2. Then blend soaked paper and water (1 glass of the paper pulp and 2 glasses of water)

3. To the bowl pour the paper pulp and so much waters, that you could freely dip the strainer.

4. Dip the strainer in water into such manner , so that the paper pulp settle on him.

5. The strainer with the embedded mass hold moment over the bowl with water (so that water flow away). Then turn round it and with the quick movement put on prepared earlier cloth (on tray put the properly folded towel and the first piece of cloth). Remove the overflow with the sponge and gently take off the strainer, and cover the paper with two pieces of the cloth.

6. Repeat activities , pouring some more once in a while blent paper pulp.

7. After the end the paper pulp from the bowl pour on the strainer. How water will flow away put to the lockable container and put to the refrigerator (the morrow you can use the paper pulp to make again the handmade paper or to the papier mache )

8. The handmade paper pin with clips to the thin line (every sheet of our paper is among two pieces of the fabric) and wait till it will dry.


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